is a free url shortener and subdomain service for Google Developer Groups community. Use it for your own GDG pages, events and to share links with your community. can be used in four ways:

It's the most basic use, generating a random short url for a specifc link. You can shorten a link by using the form below. If you need an API for something you are developing, make me a request on Twitter.

If you want to use the domain directly with a custom url, fork the repo and create a file something.html(where something is the url that will be used) on the gh-pages branch. Then, redirect it to your page by setting the window.location.href via JavaScript (how?). After that, make a Pull Request on GitHub. The urls are distributed on a "first come, first served" basis.

If you want a sub-domain that will be controled by your host, it's possible too. You can use it on GitHub Pages, Firebase Hosting and pretty much any place where we can point a CNAME. To have your own sub-domain, create a issue on repo, say which sub-domain you want, why you want it, where the DNS should point and tag it with "DNS". Wait a while to configure your DNS servers and you are good to go. "Why?" is important because we have, at least for now, a limit of 3000 sub-domains. The sub-domains are also distributed on a "first come, first served" basis.

Do you use Amazing. This one is for you. Just define as your domain at the deploy time, then publish it. Up'n'running.